Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Offseason Awards: Reliever of the Year

Alright, I'm gonna jump into these awards with the Reliever of the Year. Historically (all of two years), I've started with Comeback Player of the Year.

This year though, not a whole lot to go on. If it means anything, Jay Gibbons. And he had all of 80 plate appearances this season, so, there you go.

...and provided Jeter-esque Gold Glove defense in left.

On the other hand, whatever the opposite of Comeback Player of the Year is, there were a handful of candidates for that.

Anyway, let's talk Reliever of the Year.

It's Hong-Chih Kuo.

Yeah, I'm not screwing around.

Well, I mean, I started this blog post with the intent of naming a bunch of candidates and their qualifications but, uh, looking at the stats and refreshing my memory of this season I realized what a miserable bullpen we had this year.

Kuo was pretty much the one bright spot. 60 innings of 1.20 ERA baseball.

So, for that, he wins the "J's Dodger Blog 2010 Reliever of the Year."

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Dustin Nosler said...

This was a pretty easy decision. Kuo was downright filthy. Man, if Broxton bounces back and Jansen throws with just a little more control, a Jansen-Kuo-Broxton end of the pen would be the best in baseball.