Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nationals 2, Dodgers 1

The Dodgers lose the first game in the three game series to the Nationals, and have now lost five in a row.

Collin Balester got the win, he's 3-6. Derek Lowe took the loss, he's 10-11. Joel Hanrahan picked up his 5th save.

Derek Lowe didn't deserve his loss today. He went eight innings, giving up just two runs on six hits and a walk, while striking out six and getting 13 groundball outs. He pitched the "Losing Away Pitcher's Complete Game," meaning if the away team is losing, the away team's pitchers will only pitch eight innings total. Well, Lowe pitched all eight innings, hence... I think you get it.

The hitting was again the issue, though not as bad as yesterday's game. Still, we had 13 hitters reach base today (seven hits, four walks, and two hit batsmen), and we were we only able to collect one run. That run, by the way, came on a fluke-y force play. Matt Kemp hit a grounder to 3rd with the bases loaded. The force out was recorded at 3rd, so Nomar Garciaparra, w
ho was on 3rd and had broken for home could not be forced out at the plate. He then proceeded to sneak home behind the catcher's back and score the Dodgers' only run. Manny Ramírez had three hits including a double (going 3-4), James Loney had a hit and a walk (going 1-3), and Casey Blake went 1-2 with a walk and was hit by a pitch.

The Diamondbacks lost again today, so the Dodgers will remain three games back in the NL West race. The Dodgers will try to end this losing streak tomorrow at 4:10 L.A. time.

Also: With the loss, the Dodgers fall to two games under .500 (65-67).

Opinion: The thing I kept telling myself through that Phillies series was: "At least we play bad teams the rest of the year." Now, here is where my mistake was. I forgot that if we don't start hitting, there's no guarantee we will even win a series the rest of the year. Another 22 runners left on base today. That brings the three day total to 74 runners left on base the last three games (22+27+25). And we've scored a grand total of three runs over that span. How long can this continue? I can start to feel the season slipping away. This is getting to be eerily reminiscent of last year. The team just stopped playing. It just stopped winning. The Washington Nationals are the worst, I'll repeat... THE WORST TEAM IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. They are one of the worst hitting teams in the majors, their pitching is in the bottom 10 of all of baseball, and they have record that's worse than any other team in the league. There is no way around it. They are the worst team in all of baseball! And they just beat us. They outplayed us. The Phillies you can maybe understand. They are a playoff contender in the hunt. The Nationals have nothing to play for. And quite frankly, they only scored two runs. Two runs! That's a score that's practically asking to be beat. But we couldn'
t do it. Another 22 runners left stranded. I mean, at some point, it just becomes comedic. ...although at that point, that means you've given up and there's nothing left to do but laugh...

ou know who's got to be frustrated with all this? Maybe more than us? The Diamondbacks. They've now lost their second game in a row to the San Diego Padres, who are the 2nd worst team in the majors. I mean, we are slumping bad, but for them, they keep looking back at this team that has been on their tails for the whole year, and we've now lost seven of our last eight games, and they've only picked up three games on us ...and that third game was Saturday. We've been giving them quite a chance to get some daylight between us and them and they are blowing it. And I guess that's my silver lining. That's pretty much the only good thing I've taken from the last several days. I mean, not that it means much. If the season ends today, they still make the playoffs and we don't. But I guess it's good to know that at least we aren't the only ones who are sucking. Misery does love company...

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